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Destination East Greenland


Kulusuk Map    Ammassalik's Settlements here
Meaning: The chest of a Black Guillemot.
Population: 316
Kulusuk was called Qulusuk by people, but the Danes could not pronounce the Q in greenlandic, they rename it to Kulusuk.

Kulusuk - The airport
East Greenland’s international airport,situated on Kulusuk Island, is but a small airport with a gravel landing strip. At the same time this is one of Greenland's most busy airports with 3 - 5 daily arrivals and departures 6 days a week from Iceland, Reykjavik Domestic Airport, and West Greenland. Transport between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq is carried out by helicopter.
The airport was built when establishing the American DYE-radar stations and replaced the Ikateq airfield located further in the Ammassalik fiord.Kulusuk - The Island.
The island is relatively small so hiking from the airport to the village won't take more than 40 minutes. The walk takes you across the Arctic tundra carpeted in Arctic flowers and glacier buttercups, or you can hike straight up the hill to an eerie mountain lake before descending to the town.
Don't miss the beautiful cemetery, which is festooned with plastic flowers and set against a stark and icy Arctic landscape.

In former times Kulusuk Island was the most inhabited area in Ammassalik district, due to the good fishing and hunting ground around the island. In 1930, 165 people inhabited Kulusuk, compared to Tasiilaq’s 112. Today 302 lives in Kulusuk making the settlement the 2nd largest in Ammassalik after Kuummiut. 

Kulusuk - The Settlement.
When you’re coming to East Greenland, one of the first settlements you’ll have a chance to visit is Kulusuk. As the other settlements in Ammassalik, Kulusuk remains relatively immune to Western influence despite the regular influx of tourists, partly because the villagers follow a more traditional way of life and partly because visitors tend to only stay short-term.

Kulusuk is the perfect introduction to the settlements of the Ammassalik area. The tiny village clings to the rocky island above a glittering sea of icebergs with dramatic mountain peaks as a backdrop.

Service industries are becoming increasingly more important, but traditional hunting and fishing is still an important source of income for many of the families.

In Kulusuk one will find some of the district's most gifted craftsmen and their Tupilaks are of very high quality. In the Hotel and The Kulusuk Trading Post, these souvenirs are offered for sale. 
Hotel Kulusuk
The hotel is a high quality hotel where all major international debt/credit cards are accepted for cash withdraws or payments.  Hotel Kulusuk organises informal kayak demonstrations, dog sledding and dance performances. 



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