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Pupik – Ice Camp


Photo: Anna Burdenski – Visit East Greenland

Quick facts about Pupik – Ice Camp

Point of Interest
Sermilik Fjord on Ammassalik Island
Ice Camp consists of 5 huts for overnight stays during winter and summer - explore Sermilik Fjord hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or dogsledding from there

Pupik – Ice Camp, fisher and hunter style huts are located at the end of a valley on the hilly terrain of Ammassalik Island close to the settlement Tiilerilaaq overlooking the Sermilik Fjord and its colossal icebergs.

Exploring the Area of Pupik

Nestled in Sermilik Fjord, close to the settlement Tiilerilaaq, the Ice Camp lies protected just around the corner of the fjord of endless icebergs. Sourrounding mountains invite for hiking exploration during summer time, or put on the snowshoes during winter months to make your way to the ridges of the surrounding mountains enjoying endless summer nights or Aurora Boearlis with views to the giants icebergs floating along Sermilik Fjord. You can reach the huts for your overnight stay with a boat ride during summer months or a dogsledding or snowmobiling adventure during snowy winter season.

Embracing Nature’s Tranquil Retreat

Sermilik Fjord in East Greenland is a sanctuary of natural beauty, where the vast expanse of glacial water mesmerizes every onlooker. The huts in Pupik offer a slice of paradise for those seeking a true adventure. These huts are an emblem of tranquility, encouraging a life of simplicity, unhurried moments, and the pure joy of being present. In this remote haven, the absence of phone reception becomes a blessing, allowing one to truly disconnect, detox from the digital world, and immerse in the breathtaking surroundings. It’s a rare opportunity to embrace an easy lifestyle, enveloped in serene solitude and the profound calm of nature.

Infrastructure of the Ice Camp

The Ice Camp consists of 5 sleeping huts, which sleep 2 people each in two single beds, a shared community hut which serves as the kitchen, dining area and living room, as well as dry toilet, storage facilities and a shower facility, where you can enjoy warm showers during your summer stay. During winter you fetch fresh snow for drinking water and a gas stove allows for cooking simple but delicous meals in the hut after a day of exploring the area.

Explore Pupik

Unplugged in Sermilik, the Ice Camp provides the tourist with an opportunity to embrace the silence, slight sound of cracking icebergs and being secluded in a adventurer’s paradise. Get a glimpse at the simple lifestyle of local hunter and fishermen on their journeys.


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