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Photo: Chris Koenig – Visit Greenland

East Greenland is home to some of the Arctic’s most impressive and expansive glaciers, serving as shimmering windows into the Earth’s climatic history. These mammoth rivers of ice, formed over millennia, carve their way through the rugged terrain, constantly shaped by the inexorable push and pull of nature. The Helheim Glacier, one of the region’s most active, regularly calves vast icebergs into the fjords, creating a dynamic landscape of floating giants. The glaciers in East Greenland are not just majestic backdrops; they play a vital role in global sea-level changes and are crucial indicators of our planet’s health. Their awe-inspiring beauty and the secrets they hold beneath their icy surfaces make them an essential destination for those seeking to understand the fragile balance of our planet’s ecosystems.

Apusiaajik Glacier

Apusiaajik Glacier, a majestic ice entity adjacent to Kulusuk in East Greenland, encapsulates the raw and unbridled essence of the Arctic landscape. Cascading from the rugged interior down to the waters of the fjord, this glacier stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur and enduring resilience. A popular destination for galcier adventures and the unique ice cave tours in East Greenland.

Knud Rasmussen Glacier

With the glacier front rising 80m above the water’s surface, there is a great chance to observe the glacier calving. This glacier is a vivid tapestry of deep crevasses, shimmering blue ice, and snow-capped serenity. As it inches towards the sea, the glacier carves and sculpts the landscape, producing mesmerizing icebergs that float gracefully into the fjords.

Helheim Glacier

One of Greenland’s largest outlet glaciers and the fastest flowing glacier along the eastern edge of the Greenland ice sheet. Helheim Glacier, one of East Greenland’s most dynamic and monumental ice masses, represents the very pulse of the Arctic’s frozen heart. Situated amidst craggy mountain ranges, this glacier is a force of nature, continuously carving its path and feeding Sermilik fjords with massive icebergs.

Karale Glacier

Karale Glacier is located right next to Knud Rasmussen glacier, close to Sermiligaaq.  Nestled among rugged terrains, this sprawling ice mass unfurls like a vast white tapestry, weaving a tale of nature’s timelessness and power. As with many of East Greenland’s glaciers, Karale is a dynamic entity, constantly shifting, expanding, and retreating in response to the region’s intricate climatic dance.

Johan Petersen Fjord

Tasiilaq, with its staggering landscapes, cultural richness, and comprehensive facilities, offers an immersive Greenlandic experience. It’s a dream destination for adventurers, culture buffs, and anyone looking to witness life in a unique Arctic town. Tasiilaq is more than a destination; it’s an inspiration that promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart.


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