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Photo: Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

Choose Your Adventure

Land, Water, Air or Culture and History – what’s your preference? Select the kind of experience you wish to have in East Greenland.

Land Activities

Discover East Greenland’s beauty from above with mesmerizing air activities.

Water Activities

East Greenland’s rugged terrain offers plenty of unforgettable adventures.

Air Activities

East Greenland’s skies reveal breathtaking aerial views and experiences.

Culture & History

East region’s rich tapestry weaves ancient culture with storied history.

Book Your Journey

Once you’ve decided on your adventure, it’s time to book your trip. Choose from our list of local travel operators or plan independently.


Boat just outside Tasiilaq - VEG - 002 - Filip Gielda - Visit East Greenland

AM Boat Charter

Commanding the pristine waters of East Greenland, AM Boat Charter is a distinguished charter stationed…
Whale's jumping over water near Tasiilaq. Photo by Lars Anker Møller

Arctic Dream

ARCTIC DREAM wants to bring you into the authentic and mythical scenery of East Greenland…
Tasiilaq, TiilerilaaqTasiilaq, Tiilerilaaq
Arctic Wonderland Tours boat in Tasiilaq Harbour - VEG - 018 - Filip Gielda

Arctic Wonderland Tours

The true allure of Arctic Wonderland Tours, however, lies in its ability to transport you…
Kulusuk, TasiilaqKulusuk, Tasiilaq
View over Tasiilaq towards heliport. Photo by Filip Gielda - Visit East Greenland

Blue Guesthouse Tasiilaq

This private housing delivers a blend of comfort, convenience, and connection with the breathtaking surroundings…
Seals on ice. Photo by John Christensen

Discovery Lodge + Charter

Discovery Lodge + Charter, owned by John Christensen, offers an extraordinary blend of comfort and…
Greenlandcopter - VEG - 013 - Filip Gielda


This aviation pioneer specializes in delivering exhilarating heli-skiing adventures that transport you to the untouched,…
Rocky stream in Ittoqqortoormiit. Photo - Nicole Franken , Visit Greenland

Nanu Travel

Nanu Travel is your reliable point of contact for practical information about Ittoqqortoormiit, providing guidance…
View in the ice cave in East Greenland. Photo by Nunatak Adventures

Nunatak Adventures

This embodies the essence of Nunatak Adventures: an exploration of the untouched, the awe-inspiring, and…
Skiing in the untouched landscapes of East Greenland. Photo by Pirhuk


The strength of Pirhuk lies in the harmonious synergy of over two decades of experience,…
Tasiilaq - VEG - 185 - Filip Gielda - Visit East Greenland

RF Electronic

RF Electronics offers three houses spread out over the town of Tasiilaq in East Greenland,…
View over Tiilerilaaq, Icebergs and Glaciers.. Photo by Filip Gielda

Sermilik Adventures

With Sermilik Adventures, you're not just stepping into an itinerary, but rather, you're sinking into…
Tasiilaq, TiilerilaaqTasiilaq, Tiilerilaaq
Snow mobile in the backyard of Tasiilaq. Photo: Tasiilaq Tours

Tasiilaq Tours

Having arrived to Greenland in 2013, Rasmus established himself in the charming town of Tasiilaq…
Boat Tour Ice Cap - Photo by The Red House

The Red House

Over three decades ago, a single expedition to Greenland dramatically transformed the life of South…
Tasiilaq - VEG - 030 - Filip Gielda - Visit East Greenland

Thomas & Martha Mikaelsen

It all starts out at their local rental house B30 in Tasiilaq. Situated in the…
Snowy houses in Ittoqqortoormiit. Photo by Ken Madsen - Visit Greenland

Tsigaar Naasor

Tsigaar Naasor, your gateway to an authentic Arctic adventure in the heart of Ittoqqortoormiit, East…

Tools for the Fearless

Equip yourself with knowledge and gear for your daring journey into East Greenland’s raw wilderness.







Photo: Norris Niman – Visit Greenland

East Greenland: A Symphony of Contrasts

East Greenland is a land of stark contrasts. Summer’s midnight sun gives way to winter’s northern lights. Land, water, and air offer vastly different experiences. Step into the old world charm of Inuit culture amid the challenges of the Arctic environment.

Photo: Norris Niman – Visit Greenland


Discover more about the enchanting East Greenland through our curated articles.


Making your way up the mountain on skis. Photo by Pirhuk

The Arctic Majesty: Wilderness ski touring and exploration in East Greenland

In East Greenland, one of the wildest coastlines on earth, in vast alpine ranges that…
Transfer by Tasiilaq Tours. Photo by Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen - Visit Greenland

Arctic Adventures in East Greenland: A 7-Day Journey from Tasiilaq to Tiilerilaaq

From thrilling snowmobile rides to deep diving into the culture with dog sledding, kaffemik and…