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Towns & Settlements

Photo: Filip Gielda

Explore the vibrant tapestry of towns and settlements in East Greenland. Nestled between ice-capped peaks and the azure Arctic Ocean, these communities are a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern life. Each town tells a unique tale, echoing with stories of ancestral Inuit hunters, pioneering spirits, and the rhythms of daily Arctic life. Venture beyond the well-trodden paths and discover a world where culture, history, and nature intertwine in the most mesmerizing ways. East Greenland awaits, with its towns and settlements as the heartbeats of this vast, icy expanse.

Each abandoned settlement stands as a poignant testament to the resilience of Greenland’s earliest inhabitants, while iconic landmarks narrate the region’s profound history and cultural evolution. Navigate through these forgotten realms, and let the allure of East Greenland’s hidden treasures beckon you deeper into its enigmatic embrace. Here, amidst the silence and the vastness, stories of the past wait to be retold. Dive into a journey of discovery, where each step takes you closer to the heart of Greenland’s bygone eras.


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Dare to Discover Contrasts

From the raw Arctic landscape to the warm Inuit culture, from midnight sun to northern lights. East Greenland is full of contrasts.

Photo: Jason Charles Hill – Visit Greenland

Unplug for Real!

Disconnect from digital life. Rediscover the connection with yourself, nature, and the people around you in East Greenland.

Photo: Jason Charles Hill – Visit Greenland