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Quick facts about Kuummiut

Kuummiit (East Greenlandic), Kuummiut (West Greenlandic), Kûngmiut (old spelling)
GPS coordinates:
65°51′55″N 37°00′30″W
Long up the Ammassalik Fjord, where three fjords meet, with a beautifulk view to Danmarkssundet
[KUZ] Helistop
WGST / UTC-2 / GMT-2
Postal code:

Tucked away in East Greenland, Kuummiut stands as a unique settlement for several reasons. For starters, it’s the only place in the region with a fishing factory, largely due to its harbor remaining ice-free even during the chilly winter months – a rarity in East Greenland. This quiet village bustles with activity as fishermen bring in their daily catch to be processed and shipped.

Facilities in Kuummiut

  • Small supermarket, with post office, local bank office and petrol station
  • Service house with running water. shower and accommodation
  • Communal spots for drinking water collection
  • Nursing station
  • Municipality office
  • Community house
  • Church
  • School
  • Kindergarten
  • Free-time facility for the youth
  • Football field

Mount Kuummiut: A Rewarding Climb

Looming over the town, Mount Kuummiut offers a challenging but highly rewarding hike. It’s a trek that not only tests your endurance but also rewards your efforts with a breathtaking view of the area and the sweeping Ammassalik fjord.

A Winter Wonderland

In winter, the village of Kuummiut is transformed into a snow-covered haven, cradled by majestic granite mountains and the Arctic fjords. This period offers a chance to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the snow-capped mountain ranges that rank among the world’s most stunning massifs.

An Encounter with Inuit Culture

Visitors to Kuummiut have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the authentic Inuit and hunting culture. Whether it’s interacting with the locals or observing their way of life, you get a glimpse into the cultural heritage that shapes this settlement.

Skiing and Trekking: Adventures Aplenty

Kuummiut is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. The undiscovered house mountains above the village offer epic downhill heli-skiing opportunities, promising a thrilling descent to the beach. For those visiting in summer, the same mountains provide spectacular trekking experiences, bringing you face-to-face with the raw beauty of East Greenland.

Community Facilities

Kuummiut, the biggest settlement in the area, with 269 inhabitants boasts a range of facilities. The Pilersuisoq, a small shop, also hosts a bank and post office, and sells fuel. The settlement has a school, kindergarten, nursing station, and municipality office. The service house, offering showers, accommodation, and laundry services, stands out as the only place in the settlement with running water.

Handy Tips for Travelers

Travelers should note that all the local bank offices cater only to their own Greenlandic bank accounts. Visitors are advised to carry cash as certain services, such as the service houses, require cash payment. There are three ATM machines in the big and small supermarket in Tasiilaq for cash withdrawal that accept all common international credit cards. All supermarkets of Pilersuisoq and most of the other facilities accept card payments, also with international cards


Kuummiut is more than just a settlement – it’s a gateway to an adventure-filled realm of majestic mountains, icy fjords, and a rich cultural heritage. Whether it’s the thrill of skiing down untouched slopes or the tranquility of a summer trek, Kuummiut offers a blend of experiences that leave you captivated by the charm of East Greenland.

Overnight options

Service house
Private housing


Activities in Kuummiut



Drum dance

Fishing tours

Glacier hike

Helicopter sightseeing



Meeting locals




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