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Quick facts about Sermiligaaq

Sermiligâk´ (old spelling)
GPS coordinates:
66°52′28″N 37°22′45″W
North east of Ammassalik island, Sermiligaaq lies close to a number of beautiful glaciers, including Knud Rasmussen Glacier and Kârale Glacier
[SGG] Helistop
WGST / UTC-2 / GMT-2
Postal code:

Tucked away in the northeastern part of Ammassalik island, Sermiligaaq is an active hunting and fishing settlement known for its breathtaking surroundings. With a population of 198, it’s a slice of unspoiled East Greenland where you can experience the country’s culture in its purest form.

Facilities in Sermiligaaq

  • Small supermarket, with post office, local bank office and petrol station
  • Service house with running water. shower and accommodation
  • Communal spots for drinking water collection
  • Nursing station
  • Municipality office
  • Community house
  • Church
  • School
  • Kindergarten
  • Free-time facility for the youth
  • Small multipurpose football field

From Glaciers to Milky Blue Waters

What sets Sermiligaaq apart is the stunning Sermiligaaq fjord. Thanks to nearby glaciers like Knud Rasmussen Glacier and Kârale Glacier, the fjord boasts a mesmerizing milky blue color, a result of the sediments deposited by these glaciers. The water’s natural beauty is captivating – a spectacle that never fails to impress visitors.

Location and Accessibility

The settlement’s GPS coordinates are 66°52′28″N 37°22′45″W. While isolated, it’s accessible through a helistop (IATA code SGG) operating under WGST/UTC-2/GMT-2 time zone. The helistop connects Sermiligaaq to the rest of East Greenland, making it easier for adventurers to reach this unique destination.

Handy Tips for Travelers

Travelers should note that all the local bank offices cater only to their own Greenlandic bank accounts. Visitors are advised to carry cash as certain services, such as the service houses, require cash payment. There are three ATM machines in the big and small supermarket in Tasiilaq for cash withdrawal that accept all common international credit cards. All supermarkets of Pilersuisoq and most of the other facilities accept card payments, also with international cards.

Living in Sermiligaaq: A Snapshot

The small community thrives primarily on hunting and fishing, contributing to its charm. Although the settlement lacks running water, it offers a service house with showers, accommodation, and laundry service – the only place with running water. For everyday necessities, the water must be collected from a communal spot.

Pilersuisoq, the local shop, serves as a hub of activity. Besides offering fuel, it hosts a bank and post office. For the younger generation, the school doubles as a church and a free-time club, ensuring a well-rounded upbringing.

Despite its size, Sermiligaaq has a municipality office and a nursing station, catering to the administrative and healthcare needs of the residents. The community house is the heart of social gatherings, fostering a strong sense of community.

Experience Sermiligaaq

If you’re planning a visit, be prepared for a unique experience. You’ll get a taste of traditional Greenlandic life, with opportunities to witness hunting and fishing in action. Don’t forget to visit the glaciers and marvel at the enchanting milky blue fjord.

Sermiligaaq is more than a settlement; it’s a testament to the endurance and spirit of the Greenlandic people. From the beautiful landscapes to the friendly locals, every aspect of this settlement leaves a lasting impression. Come and be part of the Sermiligaaq story.

Overnight options

Service house
Private housing

Activities in Sermiligaaq



Drum dance

Fishing tours



Whale safari


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