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Photo: Aningaaq R. Carlsen – Visit Greenland

Quick facts about Kaffebaren

Point of Interest
Ammassalik Island
Favourite coffee spot for a break during your winter adventure dog sledding or snowmobiling

Venturing out during winter time, across the Fjord from Tasiilaq wondering off into winter paradise slow travelling on a dogsled or using the motorised version driving a snowmobile, kaffebaren serve as the safety and social hub in the backcountry of Ammassalik Island. Whether this is your destination or stop halfway through your trip, the three cabins invite for a short stop along the journey.

Kaffebaren: From Shelter to Social Hub

Once constructed as vital refuges for locals braving East Greenland’s tempestuous weather, the ‘kaffebaren’ huts have transformed over time into the ultimate winter rendezvous points. Whether on a snowmobile expedition or navigating the icy expanses by dogsled, these huts now beckon adventurers and locals alike, offering them a warm pause from the cold and an opportunity for camaraderie. Amidst the Arctic vastness, a simple coffee break at ‘kaffebaren’ encapsulates the spirit of community and the age-old tradition of seeking shelter together.

Explore Kaffebaren

Three simple huts, that represent the sometimes harsh environment in the Arctic and a community coming together providing a safety harbour for anyone venturing out. Riding past the frozen expansive Qordlortoq lake, traversing mountain valleys you will reach Kaffebaren a significant spot, as many other huts, in the remote and vast landscape of East Greenland. Conditions can change fast and one never knows when you might need to seek shelter.


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