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Profile picture_Line KristiansenLine Kristiansen is the driving force behind Sermilik Adventures, as acting CEO, guide and administrator. With a focus on maritime adventures, Line provides a comprehensive service that takes visitors to picturesque locations, encounters with majestic whales, immersive fishing experiences, and delectable meals prepared outdoors. Whether you find yourself overnighting in a tent or in the quaint houses of Tiilerilaaq, or sailing into the captivating fjord, every experience crafted by Line and Tobias is unique and brimming with adventure. Line’s journey to Tasiilaq began in 2015 when she arrived as a nurse. Her desire to break away from the rhythm of her everyday life in Denmark brought her to Tasiilaq, a decision guided by an inner voice insisting that she should give it a try. Enthralled by the stunning landscape, she immediately felt a connection with the place. Line’s past as a nurse remains an integral part of her current role, contributing to safety assurance while facilitating her transition into tourism. The ethos of Sermilik Adventures is predicated on valuing the riches offered by the environment over material possessions.

Line’s favourite places are those that immerse her in nature, such as reaching the inland ice at Nagtivit. She enjoys a variety of activities from setting trout nets, having lunch on the ice cap, to boiling fish on stones by the seashore. These experiences are often punctuated by sightings of whales and icebergs, culminating with an overnight stay in a tent and a soothing sail back home. In essence, Line Kristiansen has transformed her love for Tasiilaq’s natural beauty and the local way of life into an adventure-packed journey for all who visit. Through Sermilik Adventures, she shares her passion and invites you to discover the raw beauty and vibrant culture of this remarkable destination. Or as she likes to put it ‘Here, in East Greenland it’s the silence that makes noise’.

Exploring Ammassaliks backcountry

Embark on a four-day, three-night expedition featuring an invigorating dog sled ride, a boat trip across the icy Sermilik fjord, and a cosy overnight stay in an authentic igloo. This itinerary unfolds a one-of-a-kind Arctic adventure over consecutive days, each brimming with unique experiences and enchanting landscapes. Immerse yourself in the silent beauty of the Arctic winter, witness the phenomenal wonders of the Sermilik Fjord, and experience the exhilaration of dogsled travel and overnight stays in a traditional igloo. This itinerary is a testament to the essence of Tasiilaq—a destination where pristine wilderness meets enduring local culture, and where every day promises unparalleled winter adventures.

Day 1: The Call of the Wild

The adventure begins in Tasiilaq, where the rhythmic pattern of dog sleds fills the air, signalling the start of your journey through the winter landscape. As you venture deeper into the frozen wilderness, feel the rush of crisp Arctic air for about three hours until you arrive at your campsite. As the evening unfurls, partake in a hot, reviving meal under the immense, star-studded sky before seeking refuge in the welcoming confines of an igloo.

Day 2: Glacier Crossings and Settlement Exploration

Awake to the serenity of the Arctic morning, fortify yourself with breakfast, and then continue your journey towards the settlement of Tiilerilaaq. This scenic route across the glacier unfurls breathtaking vistas of the Icecap descending towards the majestic Sermilik fjord. Upon arrival, settle into your homely dwelling for the next two nights. The remainder of the day is yours to explore the settlement and its surroundings at leisure. After sharing a delectable dinner, immerse yourself in the magical spectacle of the aurora illuminating the night sky.

Day 3: The Mysteries of the Fjord

Today’s highlight is a full-day boat trip with Tobias, a seasoned seafarer who knows the fjord as intimately as his own pocket. The course of your journey will depend on the weather and ice conditions. The winter fjord is an astounding spectacle, radiant under the abundant Arctic sun or showcasing the indescribable “Arctic colours” on cloudy days. While navigating the fjord, keep a vigilant eye for polar bear tracks. If there are tracks, who knows what other wonders you might encounter? Upon returning, the day culminates with dinner. If you’ve had the fortune of catching a seal, savour the preparation of this Inuit delicacy and partake in a traditional meal.

Day 4: Farewell to the Wilderness

As the final day dawns, it’s time to return to the bustle of civilization. The journey back to Tasiilaq is a full-day dog sled ride, a transportation mode you might never experience again. So, lean back, relish the Arctic landscape for one last time, and store these moments in your memory.


We recommend booking a last night at either the Angmagssalik Hotel or The Red House. It’s the perfect place to rest, reflect, and recall the adventure that unfolded over the past days. Each destination boasts its unique charm and comfort, a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable winter expedition in Tasiilaq.

About Sermilik Adventures

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At the core of Sermilik Adventures lies a deep appreciation for the contrasts presented by Tasiilaq’s unique environment. From a lack of roads to the stark seasonal contrasts, the unpredictable weather that can transform a sublime experience into a challenging ordeal, these elements collectively offer an authentic glimpse into life in Tasiilaq. Established amidst the breathtaking expanse of East Greenland, curated by Line and Tobias, each voyage becomes a symphony of enchanting encounters, narrated in the pristine language of the Arctic landscape.

Tobias, a distinguished hunter whose roots extend deep into the essence of the Ammassalik region, shares his intimate familiarity with the terrain and its seasonal moods, opening pathways to unforgettable encounters with nature’s raw grandeur. Accompanying him is Line, the nurturing soul of Sermilik Adventures, who ensures every guest’s comfort, allowing them to plunge into each experience while remaining enveloped in care. Sermilik Adventures stands out in its commitment to flexibility and authenticity, allowing each traveller the freedom to weave their own narrative into the fabric of the Arctic odyssey. There’s no rush, no prescribed rhythm; this is an invitation to curate your journey, to let each moment seep into your consciousness, and to be fully present amidst the spellbinding spectacle of East Greenland. This isn’t just an itinerary, but a plunge into a panoramic tapestry of experiences, perfectly aligned with the pulsating heartbeat of the Arctic wilderness.

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