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Poul Sørensen was born and raised in Tasiilaq. After spending some time in Denmark and a brief stint in Nuuk, Poul returned to Tasiilaq initially for a vacation, and its magnetic charm ensured he still hasn’t left. For about 1 and ½ years now, he has worked at the Red House, immersing himself in administrative tasks, office duties, and the myriad practical aspects that ensure seamless operation. Occasionally, he also captains sailing tours with the well known orange coloured poca boats the Red House uses to operate its tours. Nature, in its raw and untamed form, offers him a profound sense of freedom and replenishes his energy. Winter, with its snow-covered beauty, is his most cherished season. Ukiiverajik, a place on Ammassalik Island in Sermilik Fjord, is a spot he uses to escape from his everyday life. It’s his state of mind for getting new energy while embracing the cold and fresh air, to help out with the hard work of a fisherman and hunter while sailing along the coast lines. For Poul, this embodies his feelings for his homeland, being out in nature, whether on a boat or snowmobile, moments he cherishes deeply. Freedom, for him, is not just about escaping civilization or the virtual world of the internet; it’s about immersing in the culture and nature that he loves.

Arctic Enchantment

Tasiilaq, an Arctic wonder in East Greenland, offers a captivating experience for those brave enough to venture its icy landscapes during the winter months. Crafted meticulously by Poul Sørensen from the Red House, this 6-day itinerary immerses travelers in the heart of Greenlandic culture and the raw, untouched beauty of Tasiilaq’s wintry realm. Pouls heartfelt recommendation is that experiencing storm weather as part of your winter itinerary is to be seen as a highlight of the trip. Experienced from the safety of the comforting home of the Red House, this allows you to feel with your senses that ‘nature decides’ here in East Greenland, as Poul puts it. It makes you realize that the weather truly is part of your adventure in East Greenland.

Day 1: Welcoming the Arctic Charm

Upon your arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted at the Red House. Settle into your accommodation and acquaint yourself with the surroundings. As the sun casts its muted winter glow over the town, embark on a self-guided city tour. Wander through snow-dusted streets, familiarize yourself with the local haunts, and let the serene, frosty ambiance of Tasiilaq settle in. Dinner will be served at the Red House with local ingredients and a European twist. The Red House offers the option of shared or private rooms for your overnight stay.

Day 2: Embracing Traditional ways of living – Dog Sledding and Ice Fishing

Experience the age-old tradition of dog sledding, a mode of transport deeply rooted in Greenlandic culture. Feel the exhilaration as your sled glides across expansive icy terrains, powered by a team of robust Greenlandic dogs. Midway, pause for a unique ice fishing adventure. Learn about the hard work of drilling a hole through the thick ice layer and wait with bated breath for a catch. The silence, broken only by the distant howls of sled dogs and the soft whisper of falling snow, is a moment of pure Arctic magic. Hop onto the sled to be riding back to Tasiilaq through the snow covered mountainous area. Getting back to your accommodation, enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee and a warm dinner will be served to get you warm and cozy after a full day out in the snow. The Red House offers the option of shared or private rooms for your overnight stay. Remember to look out the window once the town has been covered in the dark of the night, you most likely get to spot northern lights dancing in the sky.

Day 3: Snowmobile Excursion to Tiilerilaaq – A Night with Locals

Yet another day for winter outdoor adventure in the snowy backcountry. After a breakfast fueling you for the day, grab your lunch pack for the snowmobile trip to Tiileriilaaq, an enchanting settlement promising rich cultural experiences. Upon arrival your first stop will be the viewpoint to soak in the view over Sermilik Fjord. Explore the small settlement absorbing the traditions and rhythms of daily life. Come evening, relish an overnight stay in a private house. Thanks to the Red House’s deep community connections, engage in a wholesome local experience, savoring Greenlandic cuisine and stories by the hearth. Food and accommodation will be provided in a private home of a local from Tiilerilaaq.

Day 4: Tasiilaq’s Historical Footprints

After a heartwarming breakfast in Tiilerilaaq, you venture back to Tasiilaq on the snowmobile, to catch the ride during sunlight hours, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of crossing on top of a glacier and through the backcountry of Ammassalik Island. The rest of the day is dedicated to unraveling the historical tapestry of the region. The Museum in Tasiilaq stands as a custodian of Inuit culture, housing relics, artifacts, and histories. Walk its corridor and let the annals of time unfurl before you. Dinner will be served at the Red House with local ingredients and a European twist. The Red House offers the option of shared or private rooms for your overnight stay.

Day 5: Hiking Through Snow-Cloaked Terrains – The Quest for sea ice

With the Red House as your starting point, strap on your snowshoes and embark on a winter hike. Depending on your gusto, scale one of the proximate hills for panoramic views or head towards the open sea, aiming to experience the mesmerizing sea ice. The stillness, punctuated by the crunch of snow underfoot and the distant creak of shifting ice, offers an otherworldly serenity. Dinner will be served at the Red House with local ingredients and a European twist. The Red House offers the option of shared or private rooms for your overnight stay.

Day 6: Adieu, Tasiilaq

As dawn breaks on the sixth day, indulge in a sumptuous breakfast and soak in the view from the Red House over the beautiful landscape. As you take in the last glimpses of Tasiilaq’s snowy vistas, your heart carries imprints of dog sled trails, tales by local hearths, and the haunting beauty of winter’s embrace. Depart with memories etched in ice and snow, promising yourself a return to this Arctic haven.


Tasiilaq in winter is not merely a destination; it’s an emotion, a journey through time and tradition. This curated itinerary by the Red House ensures that every traveler witnesses the soul of Greenland, leaving with stories that echo the whispers of the Arctic wind and the warmth of its people.

About The Red House

Situated in the austere beauty of Tasiilaq, The Red House is a portal into the rich, unfiltered life of East Greenland. Here, guests can encounter the unique culture of the Tunumiit people, shaped by a landscape governed by ice, water, and wind. The Red House experience goes beyond observation. It immerses guests into an alternate reality, where time is perceived differently and the understanding of “future” remains undefined. With a team dedicated to bridging the gap between Greenlandic and European lifestyles, The Red House plays a pivotal role in fostering intercultural connections. Over its 30-year history, it’s become a significant local employer, enriching the community with secure income and fresh outlooks. From enduring snowy winters to guiding summer explorations in the Arctic Ocean, the team works year-round to offer unforgettable experiences.

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