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Beautiful views in Tasiilaq

Situated on the southeast coast of Greenland, Tasiilaq boasts of idyllic beauty that seems to be sketched right out of a pristine postcard. As you traverse through the town, you are treated to a multitude of captivating viewpoints, each rendering an equally mesmerizing panorama of this Arctic haven. This preview of beautiful viewpoints around Tasiilaq is a highlight selection from Mel’s ‘The 20 best viewpoints in Tasiilaq’, who has spent a couple of months in Tasiilaq for a project with the Ammassalik museum in 2019.

Tasiilaq offers a fascinating mixture of historical charm and contemporary life. The Inuit traditions elegantly amalgamate with the modern rhythm of life, evident in everything from local architecture to culinary delights. One of the most striking features of Tasiilaq is its vibrant architecture. The landscape is dotted with houses adorned in bright blues, reds, and yellows, creating a delightful contrast with the snow-capped winter and mirroring the colorful wildflowers of summer. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Tasiilaq is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers. From thrilling glacier treks to serene kayaking adventures, Tasiilaq promises not just stunning vistas but also a myriad of unforgettable experiences.

Viewpoint: Central Cairn – A Blend of History and Scenic Beauty

The journey commences at the Central Cairn, a historic monument dating back to the town’s 50th anniversary in 1944. This vantage point, located in the heart of the town, unfolds a panoramic spectacle of the bustling harbor and the town’s colorful center. It is the perfect introductory view to the coastal charm of Tasiilaq.

Viewpoint: Cairn Behind the Ski Lift – Unrivaled Town Views

A small hike up the hill that houses the ski lift leads you to another fantastic viewpoint. The Cairn behind the ski lift offers a bird’s eye view of the entire town. It also serves as an excellent spot to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of drift ice journeying down from the North Pole.

Viewpoint: Cairn Above the Flower Valley – Scenic Harmony

To the left of the graveyard, atop a small hill, stands the Cairn commemorating the town’s centenary. This viewpoint overlooks the entire town and provides a striking view of the Flower Valley below. The harmonious blend of man-made structures with the lush natural beauty is a sight to behold.

Viewpoint: Behind the Hospital – A Hidden Natural Retreat

Nestled behind Tasiilaq’s hospital is a quaint natural sanctuary, offering a breath-taking view of the vibrant houses of Strandvejen, the street which runs directly along the coastline. This peaceful retreat is an idyllic spot for a tranquil moment. In the midst of a variety of flowers blooming during summer or snow-covered during winter, take your time and soak in these beautiful views of the houses and majestic Polhem mountain on the other side of the fjord.

Viewpoint: End of the Peninsula – Coastal Magic

For a majestic coastal view, head towards Attertup Nuua, the end of the peninsula. This location provides a panoramic spectacle in all directions, with the sight towards the town center being particularly captivating. Take a break on the bench facing the coast and let your soul dangle or observe the happenings in the fjord

The Enduring Charm of Tasiilaq’s Views

In essence, the views of Tasiilaq are uniquely enchanting. The blend of rich culture, colorful architecture, and breathtaking panoramas makes Tasiilaq a destination that leaves an indelible imprint on any traveler’s heart. As the Arctic sun casts its warm glow over the landscape, you are left in awe of the enduring charm of Tasiilaq’s views.

Check out Mel’s list of 20 best viewpoints in Tasiilaq and use this for your own self-guided viewpoint walk during your East Greenlandic Adventure: The 20 best viewpoints in Tasiilaq – Northtrotter

About the Author

Profile picture - Anna Burdenski. Photo by Filip Gielda - Visit East Greenland

Anna Burdenski is a multifaceted individual with a rich tapestry of experiences spanning across continents. Born and raised in Germany, her journey took her through the vibrant cultures of Malaysia, the charming intricacies landscapes of Denmark, and the picturesque terrains of Austria. In November 2021, Anna chose to immerse herself in the pristine beauty of Tasiilaq, East Greenland. Initially venturing into the region for a research project, her deepening connection with the land soon saw her stepping into the role of a tourism coordinator for the newly established DMO Visit East Greenland in 2023. Her deep respect for local lifestyle, combined with her diverse background and commitment to showcasing the unparalleled beauty of East Greenland, positions her perfectly as a bridge between visitors and the rich tapestry of experiences East Greenland offers. Her journey from a globe-trotter with desire to immerse herself in diverse experiences to becoming part of the community in Tasiilaq centers around the intricacies of cultures and the splendor of nature as her source of inspiration. The rhythmic dance of the boat on the waves and the glint of the sun on the ocean became her meditation, a way for her to feel at one with the surrounding environment. Being exposed to and living with the elements requires a variety of skills, acceptance and patience, which connects to the rhythms of nature and weather.

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