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Natalia Andersen, assistant manager at a local daycare, has lived and breathed the crisp air in Tasiilaq for 8.5 years. She curated this 7-day itinerary with her most beloved activity – hiking. Even after all those years, Natalia finds the nature in East Greenland is incredible and full of contrasts. The weather changes a lot and so do the people who move to Tasiilaq, one day is never like the other. When the snow is gone Natalia likes to hike in the backcountry of Tasiilaq. One of her favorite places is the waterfall in the flower valley, which she enjoys on many of her running and hiking trips. She enjoys it best when she can take one of her beloved dogs along for the trip, who also function as polar bear protection. From her perspective, this kind of activity captures the essence of the area and its summer wonders, unfolding an awe-inspiring journey that interweaves natural wonders, physical challenges, and deeply-rooted history.

Be prepared to wander off on your own

Unearth the Arctic charm of Tasiilaq, a pearl ensconced within the ice-kissed beauty of Greenland. Away from the whirlwind pace of cities, Tasiilaq – resplendent with its natural grandeur, distinct culture, and endless adventures – welcomes explorers into its tranquil arms. Embark on this unforgettable sojourn that promises to leave you captivated long after your departure. Be prepared to seek the quite moments by wandering off on your own. For encountering these moments, come prepared with the right equipment allowing you to feel safe while embrassing the thrill of being by yourself surrounded by nature.

Day 1: Embrace the Tranquility

Upon your arrival in Tasiilaq, an enchanting place tucked away in the Arctic’s embrace, the ethereal tranquility accosts your senses. Let the beauty of Tasiilaqs landscapes unfold before your eyes, allowing the allure of this scenic getaway to wash over your city-wearied soul. Nestled in the easternmost part of Greenland, this town is a dream come true for adventurers. Start your journey with a serene city walk. The small, compact town is perfect for foot exploration. But remember, in Tasiilaqs hilly terrain, staying hydrated is key. Do some initial shopping at Pilersuisoq, the local supermarket that offers a wide assortment of food. Remember, in Tasiilaqs hilly terrain, staying hydrated is key. For a more intimate encounter with nature, opt for pitching your tent at the local campsite at Ittimiini or pick your favorite spot. Do some initial shopping at Pilersuisoq, the local supermarket that offers all basic assortment of food. Enjoy your first night in Tasiilaq with a mesmerizing view over the harbor and the iconic Polhem on the other side of the fjord.

Day 2: Sailing Trip to the small settlement Tiilerilaaq

Day two takes us on a thrilling sailing trip to Tiilerilaaq, navigating past magnificent icebergs – nature’s sculptures adorning the serene sea. Keep an eye out for the aquatic giants – whales, gracefully gliding through the icy waters. After a day packed at sea, settle into the tranquility of this small hunters’ settlement and encounter everyday at such a wonderful place. Retire for the night in a rented house by Sermilik Adventures. A delicious home cooked meal with local ingredients, such as the catch of the day, will be served in the warmth of the cozy accommodation to end the day.

Day 3: The Spectacular Sermilik Fjord

Wander around the small settlements, climb one of the viewpoints around the area, or simply sit down on the benches right next to the water to soak in the beauty of the mesmerizing Sermilik Fjord and its magnificent icebergs. It won’t get any better than this during East Greenlandic Arctic summer. Bask in the splendor of Sermilik Fjord as you sail back to Tasiilaq. The Fjord, with its majestic icebergs and towering cliffs, will offer you an unforgettable spectacle. Back in Tasiilaq, pitch your tent and enjoy a simple homemade meal at the campsite.

Day 4: Conquering the Qaqqartivakajik

Hiking awaits you on day four on this calm and sunny day. Before heading onto your hiking adventure, make sure you have all needed equipment on hand. Bring a water bottle, something to hydrate and some energy packed snacks, which you can buy at the local store, as well as a map to familiarize yourself with the area and fitting clothing. Always good to have some extra layer, gloves and hat in your backpack, just in case it gets windy while you are ascending the mountain. This adds a level of comfort to your adventure. You can start your hike on the hill behind the Hotel Angmagssalik or the entrance of the flower valley. A challenging yet fulfilling trek to Qaqqartivakajik (called Seaman Mountain in English) beckons. With marked routes guiding you to the top, reward yourself with panoramic views of Tasiilaq and King Oscar’s Harbor. A perfect spot for observing the ice conditions in the fjord entrance and the open sea. At night, savor a home-cooked dinner at your camping spot. If needed during your camping trip in Tasiilaq, you can always get a shower at the local service house.

Day 5: Pyramid Mountain: A Unique Perspective

Continuing with our hiking expedition, today we conquer the Pyramid Mountain. The vista from the peak is a mesmerizing sight – the town of Tasiilaq ensconced among majestic mountains. Before heading out, check the weather forecast and gather your day backpack with all the necessities to ensure a nice hike and coffee break along the tour. Today’s tour starts with an easy walk deep into the flower valley, follow the water stream and lakes, past the astonishing waterfall to start the ascent of the pyramid mountain. While the first part is very easy, the second half of the hike gets more demanding, mainly due to a very narrow and steep summit, which might not be for everyone. Whenever you feel it becomes too challenging, you can take a break, enjoy the view and decide to descend if needed. Highly recommended to take breaks along the way, remember the view is not only beautiful from the summit, also the changing perspectives along the way are worth a peak. After an action filled day, spend another peaceful night at the Ittimiini campsite, located past the heliport.

Day 6: Reliving History and Nature

This day starts early, to hop on the boat for a full day sailing expedition to the old military base at Ikateq and the Knud Rasmussen glacier. Heading out from Tasiilaq, you will sail on an open boat with Line and Tobias from Sermilik Adventures towards Angmagssalik fjord, passing Kuummiut before landing at a beach-like strip in a beautiful location. First when stepping onto the land and passing the small rim behind the beach strip, the military history unfolds. With a backdrop of majestic mountain range, you will find remains of the old military base ‘Bluie East Two’, used during world war II. As if left in a blink of an eye, a sea of rusted petrol barrels unfolds parred with remains of an airport hangar, vehicles, houses and burning stoves are yours to explore. While enjoying the boat ride, always watch out for whales as the scenery emerges. It is not unlikely to spot a whale on such a tour. After a stop at this historical monument, which appears to be somewhat frozen in time, you continue heading out to a spot for lunch. What better to enjoy lunch with a view of the glacier front of Knud Rasmussen glacier. Lunch will be served ashore along with coffee, tea and something sweet. Make yourself comfortable on the boat, as we are heading back to Tasiilaq, with more wildlife sightseeing. Settle into the cozy tent after a beautiful day out in nature.

Day 7: The Final Day – A Tranquil Close

On the final day of your adventure, embark on a hiking trip to a secluded bay located behind the Hotel Angmagssalik. Here, for the intrepid, a refreshing dip in the icy waters awaits. Remember, never embark on such ventures alone, and carry a rifle for safety against potential polar bear encounters. Tonight, pitch your tent in the verdant Flower Valley, with a cascading waterfall for company. Listen to the soothing sound of water and admire the mountains you’ve conquered in the everlasting summer daylight of Tasiilaq – a perfect ending to your seven-day Arctic adventure.


After wandering off on your own, exploring mountain tops, incredible views over Tasiilaq, its steep mountains and beautiful landscape, it is time to head home, with a last glimpse of the sheer endless you return with the helicopter to catch your departing flight. Lasting memories of a land of wonders and tranquil moments of being in the moment and soaking it all in.

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