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About the Author

Marion Hofmann, a meticulous and dedicated professional hailing from Germany, forms a vital part of the administrative backbone at The Red House in Tasiilaq. Specializing in bookkeeping, booking management, and office organization, Marion ensures the smooth operation of The Red House’s various endeavors. Her adept administrative skills combined with her passion for East Greenland’s unique culture and breathtaking landscapes make her an invaluable asset to the team.

In the Heart of East Greenland

Get ready to lose yourself in the astounding beauty and irresistible charm of Tasiilaq, the heart of East Greenland, with our meticulously curated three-day summer itinerary by Marion from The Red House. This itinerary, infused with both awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural encounters, promises to make your Tasiilaq sojourn truly unforgettable.

Day 1: Arrival and the Allure of Tasiilaq

Begin your first day in Tasiilaq with a breakfast at The Red House, savouring the stunning view over the fjord as you fuel up for the day. After breakfast, embark on a 3 to 4-hour whale watching expedition. Experience a close connection with nature as you spot whales in their natural habitat. Return to The Red House in time for a hearty lunch before heading out for a self-guided tour of the Ammassalik Museum, where you’ll get an overview of the region’s rich history. Cap the day off with a delectable dinner at The Red House, featuring the fresh catch of the day.

Day 2: Embracing Nature and Local Culture

On the second day, wake up to another breakfast with a breathtaking fjord view. Afterward, take a full-day boat tour around the Ammassalik Island, including a visit to Tiilerilaaq. This traditional settlement showcases the area’s evolution, from earth houses (Ukiiverajik) to modern housing. Marvel at how swiftly changes have come about in just a generation. The tour also includes a cruise around the Sermilik Fjord, from where you’ll get a spectacular view of the ice cap. A lunch package will be served on the boat. To ensure a tailored experience, we consult with our guests before the trip to gauge their preferences and adapt the itinerary based on weather conditions. For instance, a short 15-45 minute stop at the abandoned settlement of Ikateq can be included based on your preference. Upon return, relish a dinner at The Red House, featuring local fare with a European/continental twist.

Day 3: The Valley of Flowers and Farewell

The final day of your Tasiilaq adventure begins with a breakfast at The Red House, again set against the splendid fjord view. After breakfast, embark on a self-guided hike across the fjord. A boat will ferry you to the starting point of the hike up to the scenic Qordlortoq Lake. Follow the trail back by the fjord, providing a distinct view of the city from the opposite side. This walk allows you to absorb Tasiilaq’s beauty at your own pace, providing the perfect end to an enriching three-day journey.


As your East Greenland expedition concludes, you’ll leave Tasiilaq brimming with cherished memories, tales of adventure, and an enriched understanding of this extraordinary culture. Marion Hofmann and The Red House team thank you for sharing this journey with us and we hope to welcome you back soon.

About The Red House

LOGO - The Red House

Situated in the austere beauty of Tasiilaq, The Red House is a portal into the rich, unfiltered life of East Greenland. Here, guests can encounter the unique culture of the Tunumiit people, shaped by a landscape governed by ice, water, and wind. The Red House experience goes beyond observation. It immerses guests into an alternate reality, where time is perceived differently and the understanding of “future” remains undefined. With a team dedicated to bridging the gap between Greenlandic and European lifestyles, The Red House plays a pivotal role in fostering intercultural connections. Over its 30-year history, it’s become a significant local employer, enriching the community with secure income and fresh outlooks. From enduring snowy winters to guiding summer explorations in the Arctic Ocean, the team works year-round to offer unforgettable experiences.

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